Adoption Application for Cats and Dogs

Please fill in the form and click the “Send it off” button at the bottom or print it out and bring it to the Shelter when you visit (use Shrink to Fit option when printing). Fill in everything you can, and note that info in red is required.

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If rental, are pets allowed?   (written consent from landlord required)

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Do you have a yard?  

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Please note that we do everything we can to ensure that our animals go to good homes, so we will call your landlord to confirm that pets are allowed and check with your vet.

Any other pets at home?  

If you have a dog/cat, has he/she ever lived with a cat/dog?  

Have you had pets in the past?  

Were they neutered or spayed?  

How will your dog be controlled when out?  

Please answer the questions below if they apply to you!

Do your cats go outside?  

Have you ever had a cat declawed?  

Signature  (to be filled in at the shelter)

Adoption Fees:  Please note that these fees do not cover all of our costs. If a kitten is not spayed or neutered, we ask for a $50 deposit as well as the adoption fee of $80 (two kittens, $130). When you have the kitten(s) spayed or neutered and bring in the paperwork, we will refund your $50.
For one cat we ask $110 and for two cats we ask $180 (which includes shots for rabies and distemper, spaying or neutering, and testing for FIV and FeLV). For dogs we ask $280, which includes shots for rabies and distemper, spaying or neutering, and a seasonal heartworm test.

Please note:  We ask all adopters to show a current driver’s license for identification purposes. If you own a home, we ask to see a copy of a tax bill confirming ownership. If you rent, we must have written permission from your landlord that animals are allowed on the premises. We are performing due diligence for the welfare of our animals and hope this won’t make the adoption process too onerous.

We'll be in touch. Thanks!